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Solaredge Inverters: Prices | Advantages | Information

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Solar inverters are the heart of any on-grid rooftop solar plant. They not only convert the DC power generated by the solar panels to AC, but also numerous other functions as well.

The top 4 things that a solar inverter performs are:

  • Convert DC power from solar panels to useful AC power

  • Match the voltage and frequency of the grid

  • Push generation data to the cloud for monitoring purposes

  • Show the realtime data along with error signal on the screen

Conventional on-grid inverters are designed to take in the power and convert it to AC supply matching the grid parameters. They do have a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) device but it works on the string level and not on individual solar panel level. They are not digitally aware of the panels connected to them nor the health of the panels.

Solar edge inverter photo

Solaredge advantage:

To really understand the major advantage of solaredge inverters you need to know the main pain point that these inverters solve. Solar panels are connected in strings and then to the inverter, and all the panels in one string are connected in series connection to each other. As these panels are in series with one another, any kind of shadowing or fault in one panel causes the output from all the panels to drop! This is the major factor why most solar plants are underperforming. One bad apple spoils the whole lot.

Solaredge inverters have optimisers that are connected to each solar panel in the rooftop solar system to tackle this problem. The optimisers connected monitor the output of each and every solar panel and try to extract the maximum power from the solar panel ensuring the maximum possible output in any condition.

These optimisers not only extract the maximum power from each solar panel, but also allow you to monitor the power coming out from every solar panel. So you know in case any solar panel is not performing upto it's specifications.

Module level optimisation by solaredge
Module level optimisation
Module level monitoring by solaredge
Module level monitoring

Solaredge inverters also have exceptional monitoring platform capabilities. You can find all the data of your solar plants health along with multiple factors which no string inverter can offer. Also, it comes with a ability to monitor from every device, including the apple watch.

Prices for solaredge inverters can be found on the link given below.

Solaredge also offers warranty for 10years and extendable upto 25years for its inverters! Now your solar panels and solar inverter both are warrantied for life.

If you want more details or clarification on prices of solaredge inverters, feel free to call us on 7082955224.


SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is a U.S.-domiciled, Israel-headquartered provider of power optimizer, solar inverter and monitoring systems for photovoltaic arrays. These products aim to increase energy output through module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). Established in 2006, the company has offices in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Israel. It is incorporated in Delaware

SolarEdge was established in 2006 by Guy Sella, first CEO and Chairman, Lior Handelsman, VP of Product Strategy & Business Development, Yoav Galin, VP of R&D, Meir Adest, VP of Core Technologies and Amir Fishelov, Chief Software Architect.

The company is risk capital backed and investors include GE Energy Financial Services, Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, ORR Partners, Genesis Partners, Walden International, Vertex Ventures Israel, JP Asia Capital and Opus Capital Ventures.

At the top of 2009, the corporate started production of its products by electronic manufacturing services provider Flextronics International Ltd.

In 2010, the corporate shipped an estimated 250,000 power optimizers and 12,000 inverters – amounting to a complete generation of fifty megawatts and 70% of the facility optimizers market.

In March 2015, SolarEdge had an initial public offering of 7,000,000 shares of its common shares at a price to the general public of $18.00 per share, raising $126 million. The shares began trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “SEDG.” Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank acted as joint book-running managers for the offering.


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