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Install a Rooftop Solar Plant in Mohali with accelerated installation by BigWit Energy!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Solar power is one of the fasted growing forms of power in the world today. As the per unit rate of electricity becomes expensive, more feasible it becomes to opt solar! Mohali has a average unit rate of about Rs10-Rs12 per unit of electricity consumed. The current price pattern suggests that in the next 5 years, it could go till Rs16-Rs17 per unit of electricity consumed. But as a individual who has already installed solar on his or her rooftop, these price hikes wont mean much, as most of the power that you consume will come from the sun, free of cost!

Solar plant with BigWit name plate

If you want to be the part of BigWit solar rooftop family, you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in Mohali and we offer EMI plans of upto 3 years for our customers too!

We have managed to reduce timeline of turning solar plant “ON” from industry average of 60 days to just 11 days !

At BigWit Energy we promise you the quickest installation timeline possible in Industry. Let us see a case study of one of our customer to understand how we achieve it.

BigWit solar rooftop plant

Case Study:

Mr. Singh confirmed an order of a 5kW on-grid solar plant with us on his house located in Sector-64, Mohali on 19th March 2021. He opted for the accelerated installation plan, a one of its kind plan which BigWit Energy offers. We filed for his net-metering application and the approval came in on 29th March as expected according to the PSPCL timelines. In between these 10 days, we had marked and kept ready all the material needed to install the plant along with a unique ZED device (explained below) which allows the plant to be turned on immediately without waiting for meter change. BigWit Energy started working on the site on 30th March and by 3rd April 2021, we were able to finish our installation and turn on the solar plant by the use of ZED. A total of 11 working days to turn on the Solar Rooftop plant, a record in itself!

We submitted the solar meter to the local DISCOM in Mohali along with installation report and got the meter changed so that the ZED device can be removed and the plant continues to function under the net-metering scheme.

So what is a ZED device and why does BigWit Energy uses it temporarily in case of accelerated installation option in Mohali. Basically, The solar rooftop plant installed on your roof starts generating energy the moment sun light hits the solar panels, even if your existing uni-directional energy meter is not change to bi-directional meter. And if we allow for this to happen, then the normal uni-directional meter won't understand if the energy of the solar plant is being exported back to the grid and keep on counting the energy being exported as imported. Imported energy is for which you pay your electricity bills! So basically, you would pay electricity bills for the energy that you give back to the grid which we don't want to do. Here is where the ZED comes in. We install ZED connection to the inverter, so that your solar plant is not allowed to generate more power than you actually require at the time even if the sun is shining bright. Once your bi-directional meter is installed by the local DISCOM we remove the ZED device and your plant starts performing at its peak performance. This way, you don't loose out on the solar energy which is generally lost in between the meter change documentation process.


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