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Go Solar with the best solar company in  DELHI NCR
-Bigwit Energy

Bigwit Energy a leading solar company in Delhi NCR Region - We will take care of all the processes and the official work required to install rooftop Solar Plant in Delhi NCR.

5 steps of going solar in Delhi NCR

Step 1: Finding the perfect solar system size for you

Our Solar Expert will take your time and visit your residence, examine the roof and recommend the perfect system size taking in consideration upon your average power consumption pattern.
You would be able to choose the make of the components used in your solar plant along with the plant placement so that the plant is installed as per your will.

Step 2: Taking appropriate government approvals for net metering

Once you confirm, we will start the required paper work on your behalf which is needed to replace your existing energy meter with a net meter. This will allow the electric company to deduct the energy generated by the sun from your electricity bills. In the backend, we will start procuring the material for your solar plant.

Step 3: Installation of your solar plant

When we get the required approvals and after your consent we would deliver the material at your site and start the solar plant installation work. This takes about 4-5 days top to a residential solar plant in Delhi NCR and 17-25 days for commercial size installation (above 100kW solar plant)

Step 4: Replacement of your meter

After your solar plant is installed on site through Bigwit, we inform the concerned authorities in the DISCOM who then perform a site survey. Then your existing electric meter is replaced by the net meter and we turn ON your plant! Exciting day for all!

Step 5: Final Handover of the solar plant

At this stage we would handover all the warranty documents for the components used on your rooftop solar power plant. Also here, we give you an username and password for the app which will let you monitor the generation of your solar plant from anywhere on Earth !

*Service provided in selected areas in the state through our Dealer Network

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Our Services locations:

Delhi is a diversified large metro city where each customer has unique need for his rooftop solar plant. We at Bigwit Energy, understand this

We have a strong presence all over Delhi for rooftop solar services and offer best EMI plans with Rs0* downpayment along with attractive PPA options. 
Reach out to us now to understand how we can help you go Solar, the PRO way!

Solar Plants we install are amongst the highest possible power generating systems in Delhi.

But dont take our word for it, see what our customers say...

man and pannels

Mr Singh (18kW)

“I am happy I choose Bigwit as my solar installer. As a old person living alone in a bungalow they also helped me going out of their scope of work”

Mr. Singhla (38kW)

Recommended. I opted for the premium plant as the components were of better quality and it really din’t disappoint me. Thanks Bigwit team !

Mrs. Roy (100kW)

I have done a lot of survey before choosing BigWit Energy and I am delighted to say that my decision was 100% correct

Need more reasons to install rooftop solar, think of our mother Earth

Solar Power plants do not release any harmful global warming gasses while they generate electricity like all the conventional methods do. 
We save about 1 tonne of carbon release in atmosphere per kW of solar plant installed!

Pictures of Some BigWit Energy Solar installations

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Contact Us

(+91) 9555568310

Regional Office in Delhi, Selected areas in NCR region services through our dealer network.
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