Best Solar Panels in India: 2021 overview

Updated: Mar 31

Rooftop solar installations are increasing at a rapid rate in India due to the favourable net metering policy introduced by the Indian government. The country is moving quickly towards renewable sources of energy and solar and has set up a forceful renewable energy installation target of 175 GW by 2022. If you are a home owner and are considering installing solar plant on your rooftop, you might be confused with the various options you get for the make of solar panels and inverters. It is a one time investment with a life of more than 25 years and thus careful study should be made before opting. I have covered on how to opt for solar inverters in an another article (link here), and lets focus on how to choose the best solar panels for your requirement.

Solar panels on rooftop with sun

Factors to consider:

There are mainly 4 factors you should consider broadly while selecting any brand of solar panel for your project.

- Technology

- Efficiency

- Warranty

- Durability

Lets see each factor in a bit more detail.

Solar panels manufacturing process


For residential rooftop solar project, general options are Polycrystalline, Mono-crystalline and MonoPERC panels (you can check my article on Poly vs Mono here). Mainly the difference in them is in the additives added and their internal crystalline lattice structure while making the solar cell. MonoPERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) solar panels are basically monocrystalline cells, with a extra layer of film on the rear surface of the cells. This allows for more light energy absorption. The performance of these solar panels in low light conditions is quite better due to this.

You might get PolyPERC modules too, but they are generally not widely available due to the fact that MonoPERC price range is similar to PolyPERC and thus the former becomes a better choice.

Half cut solar panels consist of the same MonoPERC cells, but with the cell being divided into two parts. It helps to counter is