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Case study: 10kW Ongrid Solar plant at a remote location

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

On 23rd December 2020, we received a notification on our internal dashboard that a customer had enquired for a Ongrid Solar Plant from one of the most remote places in Punjab, near Karoran. The customer was fearful that like multiple other solar companies, we would also claim that installing the solar plant at the location would not be feasible for a size this small. Though after a quick internal discussion and the strong willingness of the customer to install solar, one of our team members confirmed the order with him over a call.

First Contact:

The customer was a regular traveller and used to visit Mohali, Punjab twice a month. BigWit Energy being active solar company in Mohali region, he got referred to us by two of our old customers. He visited our website, and filled in his details and location and this lead got assigned to one of our team member. The strong commitment of the customer to install solar on his remote property with Bigwit Energy made us make one of the most beautiful decision to expand our limits and install the plant there.


We conducted our site visit at the place in the first week of Jan 2021 to confirm the location of the plant at the property along with the wiring route and earthing locations. Due to the property being spread out, laying the wire route was a big task so that it doesn't affect the aesthetics of the house and there are minimal losses on the AC side. We finalised the components of the plant with mono-perc technology and a standard ongrid string inverter.

Next up, we applied for the net-metering application from the DISCOM which got approved within the standard timeline of 15 days with regular followups to the local sub division. After delivering all the components and goods required for the solar plant at our customers place we scheduled the installation timeline from 17th Jan 2021 - 22nd Jan 2021. Our customer was very gracious to aid our team with a staying place and helping with transport partially to and from his location.