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Trina Solar: 670W Vertex Module, the unstoppable trend of 600W+ modules | Datasheet

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

11 March 2021, CHANGZHOU, CHINA — Trina Solar Co., Ltd. ("Trina Solar") officially introduced a new generation of ultra-high power Vertex modules with a single panel power of 670W at the PV Module Technology Conference on March 11, 2021. After passing a comprehensive reliability test, the series got IEC certification from TÜV Rheinland and began mass production. This sets a new standard for the PV 6.0 era, demonstrating that 600W+ is unstoppable in the future.

According to Dr. Zhang Yingbin, Trina Solar's head of product strategy and marketing, the 670W Vertex series inherits the non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection, and other high-precision technologies from the 210mm modules; with the ultra-high module power, the single string power is 34% higher than that of other 500W+ modules in the market. Additionally, 670W Vertex modules maximise container space usage during transportation, resulting in a 12 percent increase in loading power and a 5 – 7 percent decrease in installation cost, allowing for further cost reductions in the LCOE and BOS.

The Vertex 670W modules incorporate all four of the 210 core technologies.

Trina Solar's 670W Vertex 210mm module features non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection, multi-busbar (MBB) and other forward-thinking innovative technologies, as well as low voltage, high string power, and other core features that contribute to the product's efficient and reliable performance. MBB and high-density connections increase module efficiency to up to 21.6 percent, while Trina Solar's non-destructive cutting considerably minimises the possibility of cell micro cracking and power loss.

Leading Advantages, increased electricity generation by 34%

Enhancing the single string's power is critical for lowering the BOS cost. Dr. Zhang Yingbin said during the unveiling of the 670W Vertex that in large-scale power plants (-20°C), the 670W Vertex contains 28 modules on each string. In comparison to other 500W+ high-power modules on the market, the 670W Vertex module increases overall power by up to 18,760W per string, or 34% more than the 500W+ modules.

The 670W Vertex module is well suited for large-scale power plants, particularly low-cost power plants that are highly sensitive to investment costs, because it can reduce the non-silicon cost of silicon wafers and cells upstream and the downstream cost of trackers, pile foundations, cables, and labour. In comparison to other 500W+ modules on the market, BOS saves at least 0.08-0.09 yuan per watt, resulting in a large overall benefit.

Complete reliability testing, a 12% reduction in transportation costs, and a 5-7% reduction in installation costs

Trina Solar reiterated during the launch conference the reliability of the 670W product during transit and installation.

Packaging & Shipping

Trina Solar innovated the packaging method for the 600W+ series products to vertical placement, allowing the modules' width to be unrestricted by the container's height. This type of packaging maximises the container's internal capacity. When compared to conventional methods, the loading power increases by 12 percent, resulting in a 12 percent reduction in transportation costs. In terms of safety, the factory packaging is completed automatically to ensure its safety and efficiency; secondly, during transportation, the modules pallets are tightly packed inside the container to avoid shaking; and finally, a stable and reliable transfer was achieved at the project site to ensure safe delivery to the customers.


Trina Solar provides simple and easy-to-use auxiliary equipment with standard configurations that can be utilised to support the box body during the unpacking process. Numerous empirical investigations have established that 670W modules are also compatible with conventional installation methods. Meanwhile, the number of modules required for a 100-megawatt power plant can be decreased by around 24% due to the significant rise in module power over 100W, resulting in a 5–7% reduction in overall installation costs. Additionally, Trina Solar has begun developing an automated installation equipment that eliminates all but the most sensitive manual processes like as screw placement. This will surely enhance installation efficiency, lower labour expenses, and lower the lifecycle cost of ownership.

Mechanical loading capacity

Trina Solar's 670W modules' load capability is also evaluated. On the one hand, the improved frame design and material choices limit distortion even when module area grows, hence minimising the possibility of microcracks. On the other hand, non-destructive cutting assures that each cell's cutting surface is smooth and without cracks. As a result of these steps, the 670W Vertex module's loading capability meets the industry requirement of 5400 Pa positive load and 2400 Pa negative load.

The whole industry chain, including inverters, trackers, and glass suppliers, is prepared to welcome the 600W+ photovoltaic age.

At the start of this year, Huawei, Si-Neng, and Sungrow announced the availability of inverters compatible with 600W+ modules, while TBEA, GOODWE, Ginlong, Kstar, and SMA, among others, announced the availability of inverters compatible with high-power 210mm modules. Naturally, these 18.4A - 18.5A inverters will also work quite well with 670W modules.

Simultaneously, eight of the world's major photovoltaic tracker manufacturers - Arctech Solar, Array Technologies, GameChange Solar, IDEEMATEC, Nextracker, PVH, Soltec, and TrinaTracker - introduced trackers that are fully compatible with 210mm ultra-high power modules.

In early March, glass manufacturers including as Xinyi, Flat, CNBM, Kibing, and China Southern Glass announced that they had overcome a bottleneck in the manufacturing of PV glass raw materials and begun fully adapting to the large-size 210 modules.

The 210mm modules, which combine high efficiency, high reliability, high power output, and cheap cost, have become increasingly popular with the market, with over 78 percent of tenders for large-size modules. By the end of 2021, the industry's total module production capacity is estimated to reach 120 GW. Trina Solar anticipates that 210 modules will contribute for 70% to 80% of its total shipments this year. As ultra-high-power 600W+ modules become an inevitable trend in the photovoltaic industry, the industry will continue to invest in creative 210 solutions both upstream and downstream.

As Dr. Zhang Yingbin previously stated, "Trina Solar's success as an industry leader is based on innovation, dependability, and customer value. The ultra-high-power Vertex 670W module launched this time demonstrates greater viability in terms of lowering the BOS and LCOE, which will aid in meeting renewable energy targets and speed the PV industry's transition to grid parity. This is critical for China's photovoltaic industry to reclaim its global leadership position."

Brochrues for 600wp and 670wp Trina Vertex solar modules:

Download PDF • 2.65MB

Download PDF • 2.43MB

Datasheet for 600wp Trina Vertex solar panels:

Download PDF • 647KB

Trina solar enters India with 600w+ solar modules:

In India, the Chinese solar maker has launched the Vertex 670W solar module, which boasts a maximum efficiency of 21.6 percent. Additionally, it has deployed two models of panel tracking technologies through its TrinaTracker division.

Trina Solar, a Chinese solar producer, has launched its 670W Vertex solar module with TrinaTracker tracking system in India.

Vertex's 670W module is built on 210mm wafers. It inherits preceding Vertex modules' non-destructive cutting, high-density connectivity, and other high-precision technology. However, according to Trina Solar India head Gaurav Mathur, "the 670W module has even more power and the single string power is 34% greater than [with] 500W+ modules in the industry."

"Moreover, because 670W Vertex modules can be packed vertically rather than horizontally, 12 percent more modules may be packed into each container, resulting in a 12 percent reduction in shipping costs per module," Mathur added.

Trina stated that the multi-busbar technology and high-density connections greatly increase module efficiency to up to 21.6 percent, while the non-destructive cutting significantly minimises the risk of cell microcracking and power loss.

As with other Vertex series products, the module is claimed to dramatically reduce both the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and balance-of-system (BoS) expenses of a project, owing to the reduced number of arrays possible with larger and more efficient panels.

TrinaTracker tracking systems

The launch of the 670W+ Vertex module corresponds with the launch of TrinaTracker solutions in India. TrinaTracker is a new brand inside Trina Solar that specialises in tracking devices. Its trackers are compatible with both Trina Solar and third-party modules.

TrinaTracker is compatible with Trina and third-party modules in the 166, 182 and 210mm wafer sizes, as well as large-format modules up to 670Wp.

Andrew Gilhooly, who leads the TrinaTracker business in Asia Pacific, told pv magazine, "Trackers are composed of numerous components, and hence the tracker components currently originate from a variety of vendors." Some components are manufactured by TrinaTracker, while others are sourced from a variety of global suppliers. We are currently investigating localised vendor qualification within India in order to avoid local duties on steelwork that is not indigenous to the country."

TrinaTracker sales in India are led by native Trina module sales representatives, ensuring that clients continue to receive the same level of support from the Trina modules business. "Our local India staff is well supported by the TrinaTracker company in the APAC region, both during project execution and after sales," Gilhooly explained.

TrinaTracker is now launching two tracker kinds in India: the Agile tracker and the Vanguard tracker.

The Agile 550-1P dual-row system is configured in portrait mode (1P) and supports up to 120 modules per tracker.

The Vanguard 550-2P single-row multi-drive system has been designed to accommodate larger modules while maintaining aeroelastic stability. It is compatible with modules with a wafer size of 158/166/182/210 mm. It is configured in two-in-portrait mode (2P) and supports up to 120 modules per tracker.

"We have enhanced the performance of [these] trackers to take use of the longer string lengths enabled by [the new, larger] modules. We can accommodate these longer strings completely on longer and wider tracker structures, allowing for up to 40 modules per string, resulting in cost savings not only on the tracker's motors and piles, but also on downstream electrical BOS costs due to fewer string cables, combiner boxes, trenches, and so on," Mathur explained.

Trina Solar is the only manufacturer of solar modules that also manufactures trackers. This combination, the business believes, makes it extremely beneficial for large-scale power plants, particularly low-cost power plants that are extremely cost-sensitive.

"We believe that trackers will make a significant impact on India. Everybody wants to maximise the energy output of their projects in order to attain a lower levelized cost of energy. The combination of trackers and bifacial PV often results in a 15-20% increase in yield and a 5-8% reduction in LCOE when compared to fixed-tilt," Mathur explained.

"Indian consumers have historically been extremely price-sensitive. They must maximise their investment's return on investment. The way to achieve lower LCOE is to use high-power, high-efficiency bifacial modules and smart trackers. Trina Solar makes both, so it is better able to optimize the performance for lower LCOE,” added Mathur.


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