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Panasonic Solar Panels or Trina Solar Panels

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

When installing rooftop solar plant, there are various options in the make of the components your can opt for. Each and every component has its own individual use but the solar panels and solar inverter are the most important in them. If you are stuck in between the two options of Panasonic or Trina, real along till the end where you might get a better clarity of which ones to choose from. In case you want to know the various premium solar panels available in market, feel free to head on to this article.

The objective of this article is not to choose between the two but to give you the knowledge to help you decide which one to opt for your rooftop solar plant.

So basically, if you are confused between Panasonic and Trina make solar panels, then the first thing to note is that both of these fall under premium solar panels category. Both are giants which produce very high performing solar components along with a strong R&D department. And as you considering both premium solar panels, let us know about mono-perc segment of these manufacturers and the latest panels being made by them only. For polycrystalline versions, its better to go for lower price makes such as Vikram or Renewsys rather than the premium ones.

Company locations:

Trina is a Chinese company having its headquarter and own R&D and manufacturing in China itself and is listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Panasonic is a Japanese headquartered company, having its manufacturing in China itself. Tesla used Panasonic solar cells in its manufacturing and after this partnership ended, Panasonic solar division in Japan was shut down. The HIT series of solar panels made by Panasonic is still one of the most advanced solar panels in the market, though the cost of them being extremely high. Now, Panasonic operates as "Anchor by Panasonic" brand all over the world and in India as well.

Product Line:

In the recent times, Trina has come up with the new Vertex series of solar panels upto 550wp solar panels. Though its important to keep in mind that these panels cannot be used for residential projects (i.e projects below 50kWp) due to their technical specifications not matching lower sized solar inverters. For residential projects the maximum size of panels by Trina Solar is 500wp. These are half-cut Mono-Perc technology, meaning partial shadow of the clouds don't hamper their performance as much as full cut cells.

Panasonic solar has 450wp solar panels which is very recently launched in India and available with BigWit Energy. These are also half-cut Mono-Perc technology. The post manufacturing inspection line of Panasonic is best in industry and ensures that the solar panels manufactured are defect free.

Efficiency of both these panels is nearly the same with Trina being at 21.1% and Panasonic at 20.7%. Though its very important to note that lower efficiency does not mean lower generation, just means that the solar panels will occupy more space on your roof. (Read in detail here)


Both Trina solar and Panasonic solar panels come with 12 years of manufacturing defect warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. One thing to keep in mind is to take the warranty certificate from your vendor with serial numbers of all the panels installed, mentioned on it.

Price point:

Both the companies premium panels have a comparable price point and there is no noticeable difference between them.


The availability of Trina and Panasonic solar panels generally depends upon the model of the panels you choose. The flagship products (of which datasheet is given below) are generally not extensively available. Thats why, the best solar companies like BigWit Energy always keep it in stock for its customers.


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