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500 watt Solar panel price in India

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Gone are the days when you were forced to install a solar plant with 320-330w panels which used to take a lot of space to install your rooftop solar plant! With the huge surge in Mono-PERC half cut solar cells technology, nearly all major solar panels manufactures like Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Panasonic, Axitec are coming up with solar panels of 500 watt peak capacity.

Prices for 500 watt solar panels range between Rs15,000 to Rs19,000 (Including taxes) depending upon the brand of the solar panel manufacturer. Brands of the solar panels manufactures which make 500 watt solar panels are mentioned below along with their price index. The price mentioned above is for a single solar panel of 500 watt, you can purchase 2 panels to make a 1kW solar system.

solar panels

Canadian Solar: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture. (Price index: Very High)

Anchor by Panasonic: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture as well as has a good hold on the consumer electronics market. (Price index: High)

Trina Solar: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture. (Price index: Medium)

JA Solar: One of the top bulk producers of solar cells and solar panels (Price index: Medium)

Jinko Solar: (Price index: Low)

You might be thinking, how much power do these 500 watt solar panels output ?

The out put of these solar panels is heavily depended on the irradiance in the geographic location. But a general rule of thumb is that each 500 watt peak solar panel generate about 2.5 - 3 kWhr energy per day. Installing 3-4 of these 500 watt solar panels is sufficient to power a residential home in a city or 2 numbers of 500 watt solar panels can power a average village house.

You can simply connect 2 of these panels with a 1100VA solar inverter and fulfil your energy needs for a small home. Prices for reference are below:

  1. Solar Inverter (1000VA): Rs25,000 Note: You can reduce the investment cost by using a normal inverter and installing a separate solar charge controller. This arrangement can cost you about Rs5,000 for the inverter

  2. Solar Battery (150ah): Rs10,000 Note: Price of the battery is considering a new battery with no replacement. Always ensure you use a solar battery for this system, as normal inverter batteries will die out very quickly if used with 500 watt solar panels.

  3. Solar Cables (4sqmm): Rs2,000 Note: These are considering 20 meters length, which is sufficient in most cases.

  4. Solar panels Stand: Rs4,500

In summary, 500 watt peak solar modules are a result of modern technology and ambitious solar panel manufacturers. They allow you to harness more solar power per area covered. Though its also important to note that 500 watt solar panels are only ideal for industrial applications right now due to their price factor. In industrial applications the ability to cover less area, reducing the structure and wire cost more than compensates the cost of these solar panels.

All the prices mentioned above are including taxes.


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