500 watt Solar panel price in India

Updated: Aug 24

Gone are the days when you were forced to install a solar plant with 320-330w panels which used to take a lot of space to install your rooftop solar plant! With the huge surge in Mono-PERC half cut solar cells technology, nearly all major solar panels manufactures are coming up with solar panels of 500 watt.

Prices for 500 watt solar panels range between Rs14,000 to Rs17,000 (Including taxes) depending upon the brand of the solar panel manufacturer. Brands of the solar panels manufactures which make 500 watt solar panels are mentioned below along with their price index. The price mentioned above is for a single solar panel of 500 watt, you can purchase 2 panels to make a 1kW solar system.

500watt solar panel
500 watt Solar Panel

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Canadian Solar: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture. (Price index: Very High)

Anchor by Panasonic: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture as well as has a good hold on the consumer electronics market. (Price index: High)

Trina Solar: Ranks in top solar panel manufacture. (Price index: Medium)