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Cost of Solar Panel Installation in India in 2022

You hear constantly about problems with solar panels, such as poor performance, shadow problems, and panel failure from your known people. In this blog, we will provide important information about solar panel installation and cost of solar panels for home. Many expert installers advise that if a solar panel is not properly installed, you may face plenty of problems in a matter of days, months, or years.

Solar plant

Let's look at how to perform the best quality rooftop solar installation that will last a long time and provide you with long-term benefits cost-wise. Before we get into that, let's go over the different kinds and major components of a solar system. It is important to note that the make and cost of solar panels for home can differ according to the city / state you reside in.

A solar energy system is made up of four major components that determine how it works.

There are various types of solar energy systems that can be used depending on your needs and location.

There are two major kinds of solar energy systems:

Battery-Powered Solar Panel (Off Grid Solar System) and Solar Panels with no batteries (On Grid Solar System):

The main component of both systems is a solar inverter. The cost for solar panels for home increases when you install a off-grid solar plant as you also have to install solar batteries along with the plant. When we install a solar energy system, we typically purchase the following items:

Solar Panel No. 1

A solar panel is the most important part of a solar energy system. It is used to generate electricity from sunlight. Good solar companies like Bigwit Energy use high quality solar panels by Trina / Panasonic / Canadian solar make. The cost for solar panels on home is highly dependent on the make of the solar panels used in the project.

rooftop solar plant

Solar Inverter No. 2

A solar inverter is the central component of a solar energy system that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A good brand to consider here is Solaredge. Though these solar inverters are expensive than the usual sting inverters, the more energy generation by these inverter covers up the cost for them in the long run. Another good name is Fronius. Total cost for solar panels on home can fluctuate by 20-30% by opting for diffrent makes of solar inverters.

solar inverter

Solar Battery No. 3

The power storing component is the solar battery, which stores electricity and runs loads when the grid is turned off. Ensure that you use only solar battery and not the normal inverter battery. Exide / Tata green is a good name in this segment. Using diffrent makes of batteries does not have significant impact on the solar panels for home cost.

Though these solutions are still in experimental stage, some futuristic methods of energy storage are explained here.


Solar Charge Controller No. 4

The converters that convert a standard inverter into a solar inverter are known as solar charge controllers.

solar charge controller

#5 Panel Support Structure

Solar Panel Stand is a balancing system that secures solar panels to the roof and protects them from strong winds, animal attacks, and other hazards. It gives the solar panels the appropriate angle. It is important to install sturdy, high thickness structure on solar panels for home to ensure it’s durability.

solar plant structure

Accessories for Installation:

Many small and large components are used in solar panel installation. We will explain the process one by one.

ACDB is number six.

ACDB safeguards the solar inverter from the AC current side. It is typically used in conjunction with a grid-tied solar inverter.

7th. DCDB

DCDB shields solar panels from DC currents. It is typically used in conjunction with both an off-grid and a grid-tie solar inverter.

#8. Arrester Lighting

Solar panels and other electrical appliances are shielded from thunder by Lighting Arrester (LA). It is used with both an off-grid and a grid-tie solar inverter.

#9, Direct Current Wire

It should be in PVC pipe (with a capacity of less than 3kW) and a cable tray (of 3kW and above)

#10 - AC Wire

Wire is used to connect the inverter to the grid and the home loads.

MC4 Connectors, No. 11

The most important component of a solar energy system is the MC4 Connector. It is used to link DC wire to solar panels.

Wire Thimbles (#12)

Wire thimbles are made of metal and are used to properly tighten the wire (DC & AC Wire).

Kit for Earthing

It is done for 6ft. to 10ft. tall people.

1 to 3 kW: It is accomplished through the use of two earthing. One is for the inverter, and the other is for the lighting controller (LA). Earthings are generally composed of copper coated material. Bigwit Energy uses complete copper earthing in our ultra-premium plans to ensure that you get most benefit out of your solar panels for home cost.

Over 3kW: It is supported by three earthing points. One for the inverter, one for the lighting controller, and one for the PV modules.

Solar Panel Installer Tools:

This is a list of the tools that the installer will use during the installation process.

#1. Hammer #2. Spanner #3. Goti Set #4. Farma (Used for making base) #5. Pliers #6. Tester #7. Screw Driver #8. Grinder #9. Drill Machine #10. Pouching Machine #11. Still Wire #13. Measurement Tape #14. Water Level #15. Electrical Tape #16. Ladder #17. Cable Tie (used to tie wires with panel stand and exiting wires) #18. PVC Pipe #19

Cost of Solar Panel Installation in India in 2022

Solar panel installation costs approximately Rs. 6 per watt. The following quotation can be summarised for diffrent sizes of solar rooftop plants:


Rss 60,000 / kW


Rss 55,000 / kW


Rss 48,000 / kW


Rss 45,000 / kW


Rss 43,000 / kW


Rss 40,000 / kW

Solar Installers' Scope

We make certain that our clients have a safe installation. We will help with the following procedures:

Installation of a Site Survey Panel Stand

Connection to a Solar Panel

Wiring in the Civil Work Panel Battery Connection Inverter Connection

Cleaning after Earthing Kit Installation

Warranty period of one year

Any Additional Fees

The installation process necessitates the payment of additional fees by the clients. This could range between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 for an internal wiring connection. The AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is Rs. 10,000 per kilowatt per year.

Solar Panel Installers in India

To ensure that the solar panel lasts a long time, it must be installed by a professional. Bigwit Energy has a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field. We have experienced installers who have installed on numerous sites in both off-grid and on-grid systems.

Solar Energy System installation is a critical process that is only beneficial when performed by professionals. If not, the cost for solar panels for home is not justified as the quality of components used is poor and the system keeps on giving errors. Bigwit Energy offers complete professional installation assistance for your Solar Energy System. If you want to install a solar panel, hire an experienced installer to ensure a long life for your solar panel.

Bigwit Energy offers a variety of Solar Energy Systems as well as a wide range of products. It is necessary to contact an experienced installer and obtain all of the necessary products for the proper installation of a solar energy system.


If you want to install solar and be a part of BigWit family in Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab or Maharashtra you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in India and we offer EMI plans of upto 3 years for our customers too pan India!

Alternatively you can schedule a callback from us at your preferred time over here.


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