UTL - Solar inverters | Information | Price list

Updated: Aug 24

UTL is a 1996 formed company and started from the field of power electronics. They offer multiple solution in solar energy field like online and offline inverters, battery chargers, SMU(Solar Management Unit), solar charge controllers, solar batteries. Along with solar products, they have multiple other products like gas geysers.

They have their own manufacturing facility in Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh and ability to manufacture about 1000 inverters or PCUs per day.

The numbers in front of the model name suggest inverter size. For example:

Alpha+124 - 1kW inverter, 24V system

Alpha+596 - 5kW inverter, 96V system

AlphaGE348 - 3kW inverter, 48V system

Warranty for Alpha+ series (Solar off-gird) is for 2years.

Warranty for AlphaGE series (Solar hybrid) is for 5years.

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