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Sahyadri Devrai: Planting a Forest together

Sahyadri Devrai is an NGO founded by Mr. Sayaji Shinde dedicated to replanting Devrais in the Sahyadri region, caring for them, and restoring arid landscapes to green jungles. Sayaji Shinde, who rose from a little unremarkable town, accomplished a rare feat: he won the hearts of millions of admirers with his immense enthusiasm for performing and pleasant demeanour. He was always linked to nature and wanted to contribute in any way he could. He created this foundation with a group of close friends to help the environment and give back to nature.

Sacred grove

Sahyadri Devrai believes that replanting these forests will eventually replenish reduced ground water levels and restore socioeconomic progress to the region.

What is a Devrai?

Locals in Maharashtra maintain small sections of forest in the Western Ghats as "holy groves." They are known as "Devrai," and they are handled by locals and dedicated to the deity in the grove. These groves serve as models of less disturbed vegetation.

In India, sacred groves are found all around the country and are well-protected. Prior to 2002, none of the current regulations recognised these forest zones. However, in 2002, an amendment to the Wildlife Protection Statute of 1972 was introduced to include Sacred Groves under the act. Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) collaborate with local residents to protect such groves. Each grove is associated with a governing god, and the groves are known by different names throughout India. Local communities were responsible for their upkeep, and hunting and logging were severely prohibited within these areas. While the majority of these sacred deities are affiliated with local Hindu gods, Islamic and Buddhist sacred groves are also known. Sacred groves can be found all over the world, from scrub woods in Rajasthan's Thar Desert to rain forests in Kerala's Western Ghats. Himachal Pradesh in the north and Kerala in the south are particularly well-known for their abundance of sacred trees. In Kodagu alone, the Kodavas of Karnataka maintained about 1000 sacred groves.

Approximately 14,000 sacred groves have been documented from all throughout India, serving as reservoirs of uncommon fauna and, more commonly, unique flora in rural and even urban environments. According to experts, the total number of sacred groves could be as high as 100,000. Urbanization and resource over-exploitation are two threats to the groves. While many of the groves are revered as the home of Hindu gods, a few of them have recently been partially cleared for the construction of shrines and temples.

Theyyam, among other names, refers to ritualistic dances and dramatisations based on the local deities who preserve the groves in Kerala and Nagmandalam, among other names, in Karnataka. In Kerala, there are sacred groves in the Ernakulam region, in a spot called Mangatoor. As a result of urbanisation, sacred groves are being destroyed. The "Nalukettil Puthenpurayil" family still guards sacred groves.

We keep reading about trees and talking about them all the time... but a small group of people silently work on planting and cultivating them, with the noble goal of providing shade for humans, animals, and birds. These persons have joined the cause in support of Sahyadri Devrai's aspirations. The trees planted by our environmentalist and tree-loving friends, the hundreds of trees planted by us, will give shade, flowers, and fruits for future generations.

As trees stand strong to support life, Sahyadri Devrai invite our audience to join us in supporting this great cause launched by Sahyadri Devrai. As the leadership of Sahyadri Devrai envisioned lush woods for the Sahyadri region, such Devrais are essential in today's India. To sustain environmental balance, there must be an abundance of therapeutic herbs, plants, and trees, both native and imported.

Sahyadri Devrai's effort has already piqued the curiosity of many people who want to see a Devrai in their town or region. To achieve this aim, even you can join them them as volunteers or donors. They make progress updates available to all contributors.

Team Members of Sahyadri Devrai:

Founder: Sayaji Shinde

Sayaji Shinde, who rose from a little unremarkable town, accomplished a rare feat: he won the hearts of millions of admirers with his immense enthusiasm for performing and pleasant demeanour.

Vice President: Arvind Jagtap

A poet, lyricist, and playwright noted for his contributions to Marathi cinema, the art and literature circuit, and the television industry. He's also been a naturalist and an environmentalist. With rising urbanisation and the steady decline of Green Forest areas, he began this initiative (Sahyadri Devegiri, Samajik Sanstha) for Tree Plantation with his friends, and many people volunteered to support him over time.

Secretary: Mr. Madhukar Falle

Treasurer: Mr. Sachin Chandane

Sachin Chandane, a Civil Engineer with an agricultural background, has over 30 years of work experience. He has worked on larger projects such as the construction of a bunker in Lucknow, as well as schools, colleges, hospitals, and multi-story buildings. Some of his skill has been in infrastructure such as earth cutting, filling, road construction, bridge construction, and earthen dam construction. His projects have always stood out because he has always believed in producing high-quality work on schedule. Many dignitaries have praised him for his hard work and dedication. He is concerned about the environment and pays close attention to trees, land, and plantations.

We at Bigwit Energy applaud the efforts taken by Sahyadri Devrai team and appreciate their commitment towards a greener future.


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