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"Hell on Earth" predicted if no immediate action taken on curbing CO2 production

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

If you are residing in India and have went outside in the past three days, you might have felt the wrath of our mighty sun even in the early mornings. It's no surprise that the heat wave is increasing year on year and is expected to rise in the coming years. Walking from one place to anther requires to find small patches of shadow to feel better. Water shortage in summers is no longer a surprise to the people living in cities people and rural folk have to travel even more distance to reach the water supply.

We are in a unique situation with no precise historic climate data available to study but with a definite and in-depth understanding of today's data. The level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are now much higher than anytime since human beings have ever existed. The human population at nearly eight billion of us, also is hitting the record. To save ourselves from the unprecedented times ahead strong bold and positive steps need to be taken by not a selected few, but by humanity as whole.

There is No Economy On A Dead Planet !

The paper "A scenario approach" by an Australian think-tank, breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration has depicted a view how 2050 will look for us if no immediate steps are taken. Rising green house gasses don’t just increase the temperature but also increase the intensity of all the other weather phenomenons. Huge metro-cities which are the top migration destination of people all over the world now would be largely deserted on account of massive high level floods and peaking temperatures on both sides. About half of the worlds population will be exposed to a extremely high "lethal temperature" for more than 20 days in a year.

It also predicts a nuclear war amongst all the chaos and the increased religious fervour. Ironically, nuclear energy is positive option currently to decrease the greenhouse gas release rate !

One positive side is that there are now even more and more aware rallies all over in the past few months. Extinction Rebellion group, formed by the academics in October 2018 have been and are currently protesting peacefully all over the world for this cause. Their main calling is to reduce carbon emission to net zero by 2025.

The plan is disruption and that disruption escalates until you get the attention of the people you are persuading to change - Larch Maxey (For Extinction Rebellion)

Its disheartening to believe that the way things are moving, our next generation won’t stand a healthy chance to survive through no fault of their own. Preventing such scenarios, would require a policy changes from governments all over the world and a certainty that the policies are being properly implemented. We as individuals should also support the green movement as best as we can. Giving time to understand and support the good policy makers in our respective government’s is a good start. Increasing the dependency on renewable energy, stopping plastic usage, electricity conservation, increasing tree count in our neighbourhood is a way to begin on a personal level.

Some basic tips to reduce your carbon footprint would be to use public transport where ever possible, walk or use cycle on short routes, conserve electricity by switching off units when not in use, use Air Conditioner sparingly

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere as a result of a individual, community or a particular event or activity. Every person in the world has a carbon footprint, but our carbon footprints vary greatly depending on where we live, how wealthy we are, our lifestyle and what energy we have access to. Being aware of your own individual or household carbon footprint is a very effective way to have a comprehensive idea on how you are affecting the environment. Researching into this wont take more than a few simple google searches.

The current scenario and the future predications are comically labelled as “The End Game” taking reference from the Marvels latest film. Though in the movie half of the world is wiped out, in this reality our inactivity may set us off on a path of total extinction !



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