Rooftop Solar Plant as an Investment option

Updated: Aug 24

If you head over to google trends and visualise the amount of search related to investment options in India, you would see that various investment keywords are always on breakout indicating there is a surge in these searches. Mostly the results are related to stock market or mutual funds investment returns, but there is another investment option that is much secure and often ignored by common people due to the higher amount of investment - Rooftop Solar Plant !

The homepage page of Tata Power Solar shows how you can invest in a rooftop solar plant to empower your child's education future. The reasoning for this is the same as investing in a instrument with guaranteed future returns. Solar photovoltaic technology is a proven tech and in use since the 1990s, though not as widespread as now. Since China flooded the market with low cost solar cells in 2010, the industry accelerated at unimaginable speeds. Add net metering scheme over the world, the need of storage solution which is actually a costly part of the system got eliminated.

Hand extending towards sun

Just like any other investment instruments, in solar you invest in the cost of the solar plant, which you can convert to EMI based payment schemes. The installed rooftop solar plant can generate 100% of your energy needs essentially bringing down your electricity bill to minimum level (only the fixed charges). No batteries means there is no maintenance requirement for the same. Plus, the return on investment is as dependable as the sun rise!