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Commercial Rooftop Solar Solutions

Electricity expenditures account for a major portion of a business's overall operational costs. Most modern offices, by definition, contain a significant number of computers and other electronic devices, centralised HVAC systems, and other equipment that must operate continuously for day-to-day operations, resulting in high electricity expenditures. This expense rises in lockstep with the size of the building and the number of people employed. Roof solar panels have recently emerged as the excellent answer for reducing electricity expenses by up to 70%.

rooftop solar commercial

Due to the apparent benefits, commercial rooftop solar panels are rapidly gaining traction in India. BigWit Energy has the necessary technology, staff, and demonstrated experience in constructing commercial rooftop solar power plants to meet customer needs. Our services cover the entire value chain, from consultancy to solar plant supply, erection, testing, and commissioning, as well as warranty, operations, and maintenance (O&M).

With a portfolio of over 200 customers, rooftop solar projects on Schools, Universities, Large Commercial buildings, Government offices, Metro Stations, etc., Bigwit Energy ranks among the top rooftop solar installers in India.

Why to go Solar ?

The financial component is the most compelling reason to install a commercial rooftop solar system. Solar energy has quickly established itself as one of the most attractive and widely accepted renewable energy sources available today. Commercial solar panels can provide free, uninterruptible electricity for many years while also contributing to a greener environment. Solar panels on the roof are extremely simple to install and operate. Excess electricity can be sold to the grid through a net-metering facility, which has a direct impact on current electricity bills. The government has taken different efforts in the form of subsidies to expedite the adoption of solar energy due to depleting fossil fuel sources, accelerated environmental degradation, and strain on the power generation infrastructure.


If you want to be the part of BigWit family, you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mohali, Punjab, Panchkula and Maharashtra and we offer EMI plans of upto 3 years for our customers too pan India!

Alternatively you can schedule a callback from us at your preferred time over here.


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