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Bigwit Energy Solar, the Leading Solar Installation Company in Delhi

A home solar system built and installed by one of the top solar firms in Delhi, such as Bigwit Energy, is one of the most satisfying home upgrades. How? Solar offers the best combination of environmental and economical benefits, with revenues that can offset or even surpass the initial expenditure. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to thermal electricity.

Sunset on Bigwit Solar Panels

Depending on the capacity of your solar power system, you might anticipate it to provide sufficient energy to satisfy or even surpass your home's needs. Thus, solar can, at best, assist you minimise or remove your reliance on traditional energy sources that cause significant harm to the environment and its ecosystems. Overall, a solar-powered home will allow you to better manage your utility costs. Future electricity bills can be reduced by transferring excess energy to the local power grid and withdrawing it when your demand peaks during peak summer months or at night. These are not merely short-term advantages! Throughout the more than 25-year lifespan of your solar panel system, your solar firm in Delhi will ensure that you continue to enjoy a sustainable, cost-effective supply of solar electricity and all of its other advantages.

Bigwit Energy is one of the leading solar power providers in Delhi NCR, offering solar panel systems that are durable and optimised for power generation. When it comes to installing a solar power system, we recognise that every property has a unique set of circumstances and needs. Our goal for every customer is to provide a one-stop solar shopping experience in which our solar advisors assess your energy consumption demands and assemble all the necessary components for a proper solar plant/solar system.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for Residential Solar Plants in Delhi:

At Bigwit Energy, we create custom solutions that intelligently integrate the correct type of solar structure, highly efficient solar panels, inverters, battery storage (in the case of an off-grid solution), energy monitoring devices, and a user-friendly app for management and tracking of the solar system. Throughout our solar installation procedure, we ensure that we install solar plants to our customers' complete satisfaction. Our team further offers peace of mind with comprehensive and reasonable AMC (annual maintenance contract) packages, so that every homeowner receives optimal payback, dependable energy supply, and maximum savings from their home solar system.

Are you prepared to commit to a clean, cost-effective energy source? Contact Bigwit Energy, a member of the largest solar energy company in Asia that serves Delhi NCR and other states in India. Our record of highly successful and profitable residential solar transitions speaks for itself.

Bigwit Energy Presence in Delhi:

Bigwit Presence in Delhi

Savings on your electric bill

Solar energy can lower monthly energy costs by up to 90 percent. As these savings accumulate, the total is substantial enough to cover the cost of your solar power plant in 6-7 years.

No Power Outages

Bigwit Energy, the leading solar firm in Delhi, will install a customised solar power system with battery storage for your home, putting an end to power disruptions.

Excellent curb appeal

Our ingenious house solar plants are a favourite among homeowners who wish to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of their roof and home.

Good for the Environment

Solar, a green and clean energy option, reduces the usage of fossil fuels, a key contributor to climate change.

Make an attractive impression with a solar plant in the shape of a pergola. Its raised design allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar without sacrificing rooftop pleasure.

Aerial is a high-ceiling residential solar power system that generates abundant solar electricity and provides a watertight shed for extensive roof modifications.

Terra, another strong Bigwit Energy rooftop solar system, is ideal for practically any home seeking to cut its electricity bill.

Reasons for Bigwit Energy

Bigwit Energy is a reputable and well-known brand in the residential solar market of India. As the premier solar installation company in Delhi, we offer solar solutions that are meant to transform your roof and win awards. Bigwit Energy solar plants give an attractive rooftop structure that is robust, simple to maintain, and supported by warranties, in addition to smart savings. Through a user-friendly app, we also provide clients with comprehensive solar performance monitoring systems that allow them to track installation progress, monitor energy consumption, and rapidly schedule service visits.

Select Bigwit Energy for an effortless solar experience.

How to Choose a Partner for Solar Installation in Delhi

These suggestions can facilitate your search for the top solar company in Delhi. Choose a business with a track record of faultless solar installations and testimonials to back it up. Bigwit Energy, possesses all the characteristics and abilities necessary to be your trusted solar partner.

Are solar panels successful in Delhi?

Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world, can gain greatly from solar. The administration is determined to make solar energy a widespread trend in Delhi. Numerous organisations, including hospitals and offices, have used solar energy. Customized solar has innumerable benefits in the residential market.

How much do Solar Panels cost in Delhi?

The price of residential solar systems in Delhi has decreased significantly over the past decade, while the energy efficiency of solar technology has grown. Nevertheless, the cost of solar energy for a residence is determined by a number of factors. If you allow us to do a technical site evaluation, Bigwit Energy may provide you with a free estimate detailing the size and cost of your home solar system.

In Delhi, do I need authorization to build a solar system?

Ensure that the permitted load for your home is greater than the amount of the solar system you intend to install. In the case of an on-grid unit, you will also need to apply for net metering. However, your solar firm in Delhi will be able to complete all necessary procedures and obtain the necessary permits in advance. Simply contact us and let us to take the initiative. Through our client app, you may trace your solar trip.

Is my roof suitable for the installation of solar panels?

A short inspection of your roof might help you eliminate common obstacles to installing solar panels. If your roof receives little to no shade and is sturdy enough to support the weight of solar panels, you can utilise solar energy. In addition, your rooftop solar provider in Delhi will conduct a comprehensive technical roof evaluation to determine the appropriateness of your roof for a residential solar power system.

How can I calculate my current power bill?

When determining the appropriate size of the solar system, you will be necessary to assess the energy usage of your home. And this can be simply determined by examining your monthly utility bills. Your chosen rooftop solar firm in Delhi NCR should also be able to assist you in understanding your electricity bills and determining your energy requirements.

What is net metering?

Under the net metering system, you will receive an energy bill if you chose to connect your solar power plant to the public power grid. With net metering, you only pay for the energy you receive from the grid on days when your solar panels do not produce enough energy. Similarly, when excess solar energy is produced, it can be sold to the local power grid. You pay for the total number of net power units you utilise from the grid.

Do solar panels function during blackouts?

With a solar panel system that is grid-connected, your home will continue to be subject to abrupt blackouts. This is done to safeguard utility workers from the electricity your solar system may transmit back to the grid. However, by adding inverters and battery backup into your solar system, your solar company in Delhi can assist ensure that your home has constant access to electricity.

How do PV solar panels operate?

Solar panels are set facing the sun in order to convert the maximum amount of sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. Since our homes use AC (alternating current) electricity, the electricity generated must first pass through an inverter to be converted into usable AC power before it can power your home and appliances.

Will my solar panels still produce electricity when the sun is not shining?

Modern solar panels are more effective than you might believe. Meaning that their energy creation is dependent on sunlight and not heat. Even on overcast and cold winter days, your solar panels can create electricity. However, the output capacity will decrease as the number of daylight hours decreases during the winter and nighttime. Regardless, you can integrate your system with battery backups and link to the grid to ensure that your residence has a constant power source.

What if I decide to sell my home powered by solar energy?

The primary issue of homebuyers is electricity. Given the numerous financial benefits of a solar-powered home, your system increases the value of your property. In addition, your solar energy provider in Delhi will provide warranties and continuous maintenance services for the solar plant. Your solar-powered home is likely to sell faster and for a higher price than comparable residences in the area.

Will my residential solar system require maintenance?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that are technologically advanced operate effectively for the majority of their lifetimes with low maintenance requirements. Since the rooftop solar structure is built to survive extreme circumstances and contains no moving parts, it is unlikely that a significant equipment failure will occur. However, you may wish to contact your solar energy business in Delhi NCR for routine maintenance and inspection in order to avoid issues. Bigwit Energy offers comprehensive and inexpensive AMC packages for residential solar power systems.

How do I begin the solar installation process in Delhi?

The first step in acquiring a home solar system is to visit the Bigwit Energy website to learn about the various options and creative constructions available. In addition, schedule a site survey and evaluation to learn how solar can benefit your specific circumstances and to receive a capacity and cost estimate for a residential solar power system.


If you want to be the part of BigWit solar rooftop family, you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in Delhi, Maharashtra, Chandigarh. We offer EMI plans of upto 3 years and PPA options for commercial clients pan India!

Alternatively you can schedule a callback from us at your preferred time over here.


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