Working of On-Grid Solar PV Plant

Basic working

The panels on your rooftop capture the energy which is radiated from the sun in the form of light.

They in turn, convert this energy to electricity which is supplied to the inverter. The inverter then takes up this energy and provides output power in a form which is usable for your home.

All the energy your home consumes is taken in from the solar system, and the remaining is given out to the grid. A special meter records this "outflow" of power and adjusts it in your bill accordingly.

Components Details

Photo Voltaic Modules

Photo Voltaic or PV Modules are the heart of any Solar PV Plant. They absorb the light energy from the Sun and convert it to electricity. Check out how these modules work in a simple video here.

They are generally of three types:

  • Monocrystalline

  • Polycrystalline

  • Thin Film

India, being a country which has abundant sun light we generally use the Polycrystalline modules. They are cost effective and have good performance.

When choosing the right module for your solar plant, you should consider the pay back period and size of the plant. Check our blog post on this, where you can learn in depth about the major differences in these modules.


Inverter is a combination of power electronic devices or circuit that converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Solar Photovoltaic systems generate DC power, but we cannot use it directly at home due to the fact that home appliances are AC power based.

The inverter used few years back used a transformer to regulate its voltage, but due to the modern advances nowadays we get transformer less inverters due to which they have extremely long life. They also have a device called MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) which is used to squeeze out the maximum possible power from the Solar plant.

OnGrid solar inverters are designed to work with the utility supplied electricity, and cannot function in its absence. For safety reasons, these inverters cannot export excess energy produced into the utility grid during power outage.

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