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On-grid Solar Plant Kit

On-grid Solar Plant Kit

This product comes without a installation and documentation service. You can order this kit from any location where transport is available. We would help you line up with installation teams present in your area and also guide you with the documentation work required to get the meter replaced.

Once you confirm the order, we will call you and and customize the plant's integrities according to your requirement.


Each Solar Kit contains:

1) Solar Panels - According to size of the plant

2) Inverter - Solax / Sofar (According to size of the plant)

3) Solar Structure - According to size of the plant

4) ACDB and DCDB boxes (for inverter protection)

5) DC and AC Cables

6) Earthing kits


For Premium Kits:

Solar panels  - Panasonic Perc Mono / Similar


For Economic Kits:

Solar panels  - Vikram / Waree / Adani / Renewsys / Similar

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