As we know the coronavirus pandemic effect all around the world have left us with more than 2.3* million people affected and more than 1.5* Lakh people had died. Due to this our daily life has been locked, all transportation shut down, country GDP falling, the whole world is going to the economic crisis situation. Specially developed or developing countries are suffering more than others. We can say it is a disaster for humankind and the whole world is finding the cure of coronavirus with no success till now.

Humankind is suffering from this disaster but we should learn from the virus, the virus that can affect the whole world specifically the human generation. But humans have for decades ignored the effect of climate change. A change due to which hundreds of species are disappearing early. As humans are not able to see them disappearing, we don’t give much importance to this topic - But you can see the gravity of the situation in much more details on these 2 sites:

  1. WWF Panda

  2. Biological Diversity Organisation

Extinction Fact (Source: wwf)

Due to water pollution our natural and our holy rivers are being diluted or shrinking. Worse, even our drinking water is polluted and this water eventually affects our humankind. Daily a lot of people suffer from serious diseases or even die due to polluted water consumption. Water pollution is also affecting our ecosystem but we do not care about this.

Another serious challenge is Air pollution, more than 100 cities in the world suffering from air pollution. People are suffering from lung cancer(especially our children) and even die, attributing to the causes of humans.

All these challenges considered our ecosystem are changing slowly but daily. Sea level rising, unexpected temperature fluctuations, flood chain and agriculture hit. A lot of things happen in our environment and our government spends money to protect these negative effects but generally the government only provides a temporary solution. We need to find out the permanent solution just like coronavirus needs a permanent cure. Due to the coronavirus we are now able to envision what helplessness feels like. The situation would be a lot worse when climate change starts affecting humans on the level this virus is !

We generally are only thinking about the economy, politics and never understand the effects of our actions but this time we need to think above the usualys. We can start off by pledging to invest at least 10% of the total annual budget in climate change prevention directly.

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