Advantages of installing a Solar PV Plant


By choosing to power your property by solar energy, firstly you support our environment. A 1kW system installed can save about 1 ton of CO2 emissions in a year. That’s 25 ton over a period of 25 years which is the estimated lifespan of a Solar PV System !

Return on investment factor:


Unlike your traditional utility power bill which you keep on paying for years with no extra benefit, when you install a Solar PV Plant, there is a return on investment factor on this energy. Though you pay a initial setup cost for this, generally in a period of 4-5 years (depending upon your consumption) you recover that amount and then it’s all savings or free energy for you.

Government support:


The oil reserves over the world are declining, pushing the governments to switch to the alternate energy sources, and being a country like India, there is no other natural power source abundantly available like the Sun.

Chandigarh city experiences one of the fastest approval, subsidy processing & disbursal in India with online fund transfer directly into the customers account.



The progress in technology has foremostly allowed the system to be as user friendly as it can be, so that any layman would be able to understand it. Internet has allowed the system as a whole to be online monitored, so that installers like BigWit Energy could monitor the health of the systems they have installed and give it the attention it needs to keep working at optimal level.



Low maintenance:

The fact that the System has no moving parts, reduces the need of maintenance of the system drastically. In addition to this, the system is completely silent while in operation.

Convinced on going solar and switching to the greener side, Great !

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